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The Women Behind the Brand

“Sometimes a walk and a talk is all that's needed, stay connected today” ~ Beverley Wong

Committed to Inspiring Parents

Community Organiser

Beverley is a talented and skilled Motivational Speaker who knows how to get a crowd inspired. By volunteering at CitizensUK she has been able to advocate for community issues, generate strategic solutions for change and is an inspiration to many. She is a member of South London Citizens, the chair for South London Parentpower in partnership with CitizensUK and King's College University and is also currently on the South London Mental Health Taskforce.


Family Support Worker

Beverley supports many struggling families within the London Borough of Lambeth at Christians International Peace Services (CHIPS). She has previously worked as a Family Liaison Officer at SouthSide Young Leaders Academy and continues to be a Parent Mentor for many within the ParentPower initiative.


Youth Development & Mentorship

Considering her considerable experience in the field of Education, Beverley has created, lead and facilitated change in many institutions. Passionate about youth development she has lead numerous youth initiatives and supported young adults. As a Manager, Chair and Project Administrator she has showcased her leadership,drive and vision.

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